Monday Markets - The Canary Press - The Genre Issue - Oct 20, 2014 (via @thecanarypress)

The Canary Press is looking for short fiction for their special Genre issue:

In recent years, literary realism has come to dominate the short story world. Some of it is wonderful, of course, but we want to dedicate an issue to stories that are defiantly not literary realism.

Don't just revisit tired tropes -- learn the conventions and karate chop those suckers, push a genre as far as it can go.

Many of our favourite writers have cheerfully (or drunkenly) straddled the lines between genres. Be bold. Be inventive. Come at us like a pirate ship in 3D.

Grip us with a story and don't let go.

Finer details:

We're interested in short stories of any length. We're also interested in very short stories (under 1500 words)

Their general guidelines say that 'any length' tops out at about 7,000 words. Payment is variable (ie. I believe it depends on their funds but they do pay) and the magazines look great!

Guidelines here: