Monday Market - Apex Magazine Steal the Spotlight Micro fiction Contest - 15 Oct 2014 (via @jodicleghorn)

Apex Magazine is running another micro fiction contest. It's pretty cool and good exercise for your micro-fiction writing skills. From the site:

  1. There will be five categories: sea monsters, black dog/Hellhounds, banshees, science experiments gone wrong, and demons (this can include wendigos, succubus, be creative). Write a story to fit one of these five categories, then submit it to with the subject line formatted as Title, Author, Category.

  2. This is a micro fiction contest. Stories must be 250 words or less. If a story is more than 250 words, it will be deleted unread.

  3. You can submit one story per category, five stories total. If you submit two banshee stories, we will consider the first story your submission.

Prizes are great, folks:

6 cents per word, receive a free 12-month subscription to Apex Magazine and a short story critique from an Apex editor. Stories for critique can be up to 5,000 words long

You can find the submission guidelines here: