Friday Funny - Literary Holidays! (via @melvillehouse)

I retweeted this on Twitter but I realise not everyone would see it, so here's a quick post. It's been a little quiet here while Lucas and I are actually finally polishing Literarium for our early-sign-up alpha/beta users. I'm quite excited to see the project in its present shape and can't wait to inflict it on you all!

Anyway, this list of suggested comical national reading holidays struck a chord with me because we had to try to read 2666, and apparently that national holiday is January 13:

January 13: Give Up Trying to Read 2666 Day On the one hand, you’ve read 400 pages. That’s a lot. On the other, you’ve just read the first 100 pages four times. It’s time to admit defeat and pass this “international sensation” along to one of your friends. Tell them they have to read it."

I also quite like:

June: NaTwiWriMo Everyone’s heard of National Novel Writing Month, but what about your personal #brand? Writing a novel won’t help with that—not one bit. So in June, put the novel on hold (let’s be honest—it’s probably terrible) and instead, dedicate yourself to your Twitter account! Get those followers up up up, keep the hashtags fresh, and remember—if you’re not making three autocorrect jokes a day, you’re not Tweeting Like a Pro.

Check out the others here: