Monday Markets - Autumn Cthulhu anthology - October 31, 2014

Lovecraft Magazine is reading for its first print anthology, Autumn Cthulhu:

Well, the words Autumn Cthulhu sum it up somewhat. But, though pastiche can be done well, I don’t want it here. In other words, less “Mythos” and more “Lovecraftian”. I’m talking about the themes of Lovecraft: cosmic horror, deep time, man’s irrelevant place in the universe, horrific truths about reality, etc…

So the story should be Lovecraftian, set in the fall. You could include Halloween, and in fact I very much hope some of you do, but it’s not a necessity. There’s a mood and a magic and a mystery to autumn; think colorful falling leaves, crisp days, rainy afternoons and evenings. A cold drizzle.

Quiet horror.

They're looking for horror on theme, from 3,000 to 6,000 words, paying a flat rate of $150. Deadline October 31st, so get writing!

Submission details here: