Monday Markets - She Walks in Shadows - Nov 15 - Dec 15, 2014 (HT: @silviamg)

Innsmouth Free Press has a new anthology opening in the middle of November. This is for female authors only, and sounds pretty cool, if you're into your Lovecraftian fiction:

Submit short stories inspired by the work of Lovecraft that focus on a woman or female deity. It may be a character from Lovecraft’s work or someone of your own creation. You are not restricted to the 1920s as a setting. Steampunk, dieselpunk, noir, and any other sub-genre you can imagine are fine with us. Give us your best and most polished work. And yes, you must be a woman to submit. Women only.

To avoid the Asenath effect (that means every character in the anthology would be Asenath Waite), we asked the authors who are contributing stories to pick a different character from a Lovecraft story. While you are not bound to these restrictions, we suggest that if you use a character from Lovecraft’s fiction, you avoid the usual suspects (Asenath and Lavinia).

Consider interesting and novel settings for your stories. Surely, strange Lovecraftian entities haunt contemporary Nunavut or the Inca fought strange webbed monstrosities centuries ago. Anne Boleyn, evil sorceress or woman fighting the good fight against the Mi-Go? We may never know. Or maybe we will.

POCs are highly encouraged to send stories. Transgender writers: same thing.

Stories may be sent in French, English, or Spanish. We can read all three languages.

They are looking for fiction up to 4,000 words and paying 6 cents Canadian per word.

Full guidelines here: