Monday Markets - The Quip - 31 Dec, 2014

The Quip is reading for its first issue until December 31. The magazine accepts:

submissions of the written word in any form - fiction/non-fiction short stories, novellas, poems, op-ed pieces, lyrics, etcetera.   The Quip is a comedic literary magazine. Comedy is a broad definition, and we agree with how it was defined in 1594, by Martin Opitz von Boberfeld, a real thought leader in the space, who defined comedy as:

"bad people and things, marriages, drinking parties, swindling, and mischievous servants, braggart squires, intrigues, youthful indiscretion, stingy old age, procuring, and the like as they occur daily among the common people." 

In this regard, we do not accept stories that are tragedies, and once again refer to von Boberfeld:

"death-blows, desperations, infanticide and parricide, fire, incest, war, insurrection, wailing, howling, sighing."

If your writing is rich, thoughtful, funny, uncomfortable, awkward, or includes - well, quips - then it will be considered for publication.

Up to 3,500 words per author per issue (I imagine it can be broken into several smaller pieces if you so desire), and the magazine pays $50 per publication, as well as a yearly subscription. They're working on a Kickstarter to assist with future payment options.

Submission details here: