Monday Markets - Sci Phi Journal (via @thesciphishow)

Sci Phi Journal is an exciting monthly magazine exploring the intersection of philosophy and science:

Sci Phi is an online science fiction and philosophy magazine. In each issue you will find stories that explore questions of life, the universe and everything and articles that delve into the deep philosophical waters of science fiction universes.

Editor Jason Rennie is looking for:

science fiction stories that explore a philosophical idea or have a philosophical hook. The “Phi” part is more important than the “Sci” part, fantasy, time travel, steam punk, slipstream, etc. If you are not sure, just ask.

Stories must include a “food for thought” set of questions or paragraph for readers along with the manuscript. Please include with your submission the philosophical themes explored in the story. Failure to do so will result in a rejected submission. This is not require for solicited stories.

If you are unsure about the food for thought section, just explain the big idea in your story. A paragraph will do the job. I usually write the food for thoughts (though I pay if I use the one submitted) myself, so don’t stress over making it perfect. The magazine is Science Fiction and Philosophy so I just want to insure the Philosophy part of the equation is covered.

Pays 5c per word for works from 100-5,000 words. They accept fiction and non-fiction. If an issue sells over 5,000 copies in a month you get double pay, so what's not to like?

This actually looks pretty cool, so I'm going to dig through my old ideas box to see if I can throw something together for them.

Guidelines here: