Sunday Services - Gumroad (via @gumroad)

Welcome to 2015 and a happy new year! Literarium isn't just for markets, it's for services too. I tend not to post Sunday Services nearly as often though, which is really just my failing. I figured for the start of the new year I'd make a change. I stumbled on Gumroad because I was trying to buy a DRM free epub (the only kind of digibook that I buy). You may have already used it on your own travels, as seller or buyer, but my user experience was great:

  • Receive link to book I wanted to buy from the author on twitter
  • Clicked 'I wanna buy this'
  • Entered Email address and CC details
  • Clicked buy
  • Received email with link to ebook.
  • Clicked on link and selected 'open in iBooks'
  • Book appeared in iBooks app and promptly synchronised to my iCloud backup, other iOS devices and whatnot.

So for authors looking into non-user-antagonistic distribution platforms, do have a look at what Gumroad offers. Fees are 5% + 25c per transaction: