LiterariumSo this is just a quick update for you all. Literarium is now sitting on our production server, and we are ironing out some last minute teeny bugs. Our first step is to shoot invites to some close associates who will forgive us our trespasses (this is happening now), and then we will FINALLY send closed beta invites to the people who've signed up to our beta list.

Yes, it's finally happening. Yes, Lucas and I both know we've taken years to get this far. The reality is, we've been developing in different directions and throwing out approaches that aren't going to work in the long run. It's better to avoid the sunk cost fallacy in the early days of development, when it's still possible to overhaul large chunks of the system. It hurt to revert so much of the front end (back in April 2013 I was in Canberra doing up the final page styling for a demonstration!) but it was all worth it. It's much snappier and usable now. I'm quite excited, and it's fun (and rewarding) to start keying in my own submissions only to see on the Literarium timeline that I need to start chasing some of them up in the next few days.

More news soon! Onwards and upwards!