Monday Markets - Love Hurts Anthology - Meerkat Press - Apr 30, 2015 (via @meerkatpress)

As Literarium rolls towards its closed beta release (you can still sign up on the home page to receive early access invites) I'm starting to enter markets directly into the directory. This makes my Monday Market post a lot easier to construct! Hooray! I may even start posting a new market every two weeks once I don't have to source everything myself. So, having said that, have look at today's offering. Meerkat Press has an interesting new project up:

Love Hurts, our next themed anthology, is open for submissions. We want you to dazzle us with your science fiction and fantasy love stories, and please, make it hurt! Is your mc’s boyfriend the kind of guy you can’t take home to dinner … because he’s an alien? Is a relationship challenged because the heavy petting always draws blood? Bring us your steampunk love triangles, your dystopian cheating scandals, your interspecies relationships, your intergalactic dating war stories. We also like the usual vamps, zombies, and shapeshifters, but the story better be really imaginative (or so well-written that we insist on reading it out loud to anyone who will listen).

They're looking for 1,000 to 5,000 words and paying from 1 to 4 USD cents/word. April 30 deadline, so start your submitting engines.

Full submission details here: