Monday Markets - The Lane of Unusual Traders, Stage 2 - May 2015

The Lane of Unusual Traders is open for a second round of store owners:

The Lane of Unusual Traders is a world building project. The aim is to bring The Lane, the City of Lind and the world of Midlfell into existence through stories, illustrations and whatever other creative means present themselves as the world grows.

The project began with the release of Stage 1 in 2014. Now The Lane is open once more and Tiny Owl Workshop is looking for 13 new stories to help bring the world of Midlfell to life.

The basic requirement is to choose a vacant lot from the provided map, and to write a story or flash piece about the shop located at that place. There is an existing Wiki that addresses a lot of the world building elements already in place (but by no means all the world building elements!). You can check that out here:

The Workshop is looking for flash fiction up to 500 words, paying $60 AUD, and short fiction between 1,500 and 3,000 words, paying $300 AUD. There are two deadlines: May 1st for Flash, and May 31st for Shorts.

Full submission guidelines: