Monday Markets - Despumation Journal - April 30

This is kind of cool for you metal fans out there. Despumation Press likes fiction that explores the themes of heavy metal songs:

Please indicate, in the body of the email, what song the story was inspired by and the band who performs/wrote the song.

If you’re a writer and you don’t usually listen to metal, but you’d like to submit (and we’re happy to read you), please ask someone who listens to metal for some guidance. Just because it contains two electric guitars, and maybe someone in the band has long hair, does not mean it is “metal.”

We tend toward Death, Grind, Black, Doom, and Thrash. That said, though, we’re also partial to some Speed, Power, and even some Progressive. We love us some NWOBHM. We are also open to Crossover and Crust Punk.

We tend to grow unhappy with Nu, Glam/Hair, Gothic, Industrial, and Metalcore. If it’s mixing screams/growls with clean vocals, we’re really not interested. Honestly, unless we have reason to believe the piece is really good (like, if you’re a writer we know and trust), we won’t even want to read it.

Grunge is not metal.

They're looking for suitable fiction between 3,000 and 5,000 words, paying a token $10 USD and a contributor copy.

Full submission guidelines: