Monday Markets - Licence Expired - The Unauthorised James Bond - 1 June 2015

Copyright, for all its merits, offers a simple process by which massive corporations can strangle the life out of the public domain. Joyously, Ian Fleming's work has entered the public domain in 'Canada and a few other countries', meaning that ChiZine can publish this awesome little anthology:

David Nickle and Madeline Ashby are co-editing Licence Expired: the Unauthorized James Bond for ChiZine Publications, seeking stories based on the character of James Bond as described in Ian Fleming's fourteen published works. The anthology will be published by ChiZine Publications in Canada only, as Fleming's work has entered the public domain only in Canada and a few other countries. Because of those legal restrictions, stories must only reference elements from Fleming's stories, and not elements introduced exclusively in the films, new novels and stories, games or other media.

They're paying $0.06 CAD per word for short stories up to 5,000 words. Deadline is June 1, 2015

From the editors:

“We want to feature original, transformative stories set in the world of Secret Agent 007,” says Nickle. “We're hoping our contributors will combine the guilty-pleasure excitement of the vintage Fleming experience with a modern critique of it.” “This is an opportunity to comment on the Bond universe from within it,” adds Ashby.

Submission guidelines here:

The Literarium Listing is here: