Monday Markets - Mothership Zeta Issue 1 - 25th July

Issue 1 for Mothership Zeta is open for submissions:

Mothership Zeta is looking for science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories that are fun. The robot who fights a dinosaur, not the robot who explores its lack of humanity and deactivates itself. The nagini who goes on an adventure, not the nagini who is tortured and drowns herself. The blonde woman who kills monsters, not the blonde woman who gets ripped apart by monsters. Fun doesn’t necessarily mean “funny,” and stories can have conflict and darker elements, but we want stories that leave the reader satisfied, usually in a positive way. Bittersweet is okay, tragic is not.

They're paying 6c/word for 1,000 to 6,000 words of short fiction, and $30 USD flat for one piece of flash fiction (up to 1,000 words) per issue. The reading period for issue one is only short: 12-25 July, 2015, so it's unlikely you'll have something to write in time. But it might be good for a suitable finished story looking for a new market. Otherwise, keep an eye out for issue 2.

Full submission guidelines:

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