Monday Markets - Capricious SFF Magazine (HT: @staceysarasvati)

Capricious SFF magazine just received some funding and is looking for more submissions:

We err towards the literary/experimental/slipstream side of speculative fiction, but appreciate a strong plot and kickass characters as much as anyone. Fiction which explores the relationship between an environment and its inhabitants is particularly welcome. We’re very open to stories told in second person, with unusual tenses, or other less common language choices, as long as they’re a good fit for the story. We’re particularly interested in stories from writers in the Asia-Pacific region, stories about disability that avoid the usual tropes, and thoughtful explorations of gender (and hell yes gender neutral pronouns are more than ok).

They're paying a flat $50USD for 3,000 to 5,000 words of short fiction or non-fiction essay.

Full submission guidelines:

And Literarium market listing: