Monday Markets - Sirens Anthology - Nov 15, 2015 (via @WorldWeaver_wwp)

World Weaver Press is open to submissions for its new anthology Sirens from the 15th of August:

In Sirens, we will honor and share stories of historical Sirens, but we’ve equal room for modern re-imaginings and will be giving matching space to both avian and aquatic varieties. Whether from the sea or sky, sirens are beautiful, dangerous and musical, and we’re open to works that exemplify as well as those which defy those expectations. Sirens will be a book full of tales that evoke a vast spectrum of emotions toward these maidens, empathy, disdain, sorrow, awe and anger. I want stories of wretched and cursed sirens who fight against the roles imposed upon them and tales of those who revel in them. I’m hoping for pieces re-telling or playing upon the traditional myths and others which create their own mythologies, and all the little niches in between.

They are reading submissions until November 15, and pay $10 and a print contributor copy for short fiction upto 7,500 words.

Submission guidelines here:

Literarium listing here: