Monday Markets - Story Quest 2015 Competition (via @SQ_Mag)

The Fabulous SQ Mag is running their 2015 Story Quest competition:

For 2015’s Story Quest Competition we want to look at the unlikely, the neglected, the untried. We are looking for either: – unlikely partnerships between characters, species, the smashing together of worlds, cultures, ideas – unlikely genre partnerships, those we don’t see often or at all For combination number two, at the mag we don’t often see fairytale crossovers (we’d love some more diverse voices), steampunk, true romantic horror, Western crossovers, mysteries. Whatever you can think of, we’ll read. Just make it a story that makes the judges eyes bug.

So, bug stories are in, then?

Prizes are $100 for 1st place, then $50 and $25 for 2nd and 3rd. All winners also receive a regular token SQ paymeny of $15. Entries are open until october 31 so get writing/submitting!

Full submission guidelines:

And Literarium market listing: