Monday Markets - Body Parts Magazine Issue 6 - Mar 1, 2016

After a fruitless search for new literary magazines that had the courtesy to disclose whether or not they paid authors anything, I was very pleased to find this classy market for the bizarre:

Body Parts Magazine is an online literary magazine of horror, erotica, speculative fiction, essays and art. Each themed issue honors Eros and Thanatos, the Greek gods of libido and mortido—life and death. We celebrate the vast and various expressions of dreams and darkness, our primitive desires and urges, and seek to encounter—and embrace—those shadowy monsters who dwell in the dimly lit corners of human experience.

Body Parts Magazine accepts flash fiction, short fiction to 8,000 words, and novellas (noevelletes?) to 20,000 words. They pay $5 for flash, and between $10-$20 for longer works depending on length (it's probably safe to assume $10 for shorts and $20 for longer).

Each issue is themed, and you can submit to any theme you like until the last day of the reading period. The current theme is Grave Robbing!

Disinterment. Theft. Exhumation and ossuaries. Unspeakable crimes. Corpses of the past (events, relationships, ideas, cultures and cities). What inappropriate, grim and morbid things or people do we long for when they are gone? What incites one to dig up the dead, reanimate the deceased or dig through decayed remains in search of some treasured item, memory or ideal? In what horrific ways do we serve as the archaeologists of our own fates and futures?

So what are you waiting for? Check them out!

The Literarium market listing is here: