Monday Markets - Blue Monday Review

Today we're looking at Blue Monday Review:

[...] a quarterly publication that draws inspiration from the works of Kurt Vonnegut. He was a man who knew how to craft great stories that celebrated truth and beauty while maintaining a sardonic wit that makes our hearts swell with bitterness and joy.

If your work can stir up even a sliver of that feeling, we want to see it.

They're after short fiction and creative non-fiction up to 3,500 words, paying ; flash pieces of up to 1,500 words each, poetry, visual art and 'Etc' (which is anything you think might be suitable that falls outside of these categories, such as scripts, comics, etc.)

They pay $20 and up (at 2c/word) for original written pieces, and $10 for reprints. Poetry is paid at $10/$5 respectively.

The Literarium market listing is here: