Monday Markets - Suspended in Dusk 2 - Feb 29, 2016 (via @herodfel)

Books of the Dead Press and editor Simon Dewar are back with a sequel to their very successful Suspended in Dusk horror anthology. (Disclaimer: I was in it). Simon advises all interested writers:

I am pleased to announce, Books of the Dead Press is opening 2 spots for stories in the Suspended in Dusk 2 anthology in an open submission.

Show me something that plays on the theme of light/dark (Wendy Hammer did this in the original Suspended in Dusk with her story Negatives) , or don’t… show me a person, people, society on the edge of the proverbial abyss (Chris Limb did this with Ministry of Outrage). Show me a story of someone on the grey fringes of normal society (Karen Runge, Hope is Here!). Show me a person, or people undergoing some kind of change,.. willing or otherwise. Knowing or otherwise (Shane Mckenzie, Fit Camp). Show me something that is brought into the light, but everyone would’ve been safer if it had been left alone where it was (Benjamin Knox, Keeper of Secrets).

There are 2 open submission slots in this anthology, so send in your best work. Short original horror fiction from 3,000 to 7,500 pays $25USD and a print and ebook contributor copy.

Check out the listing here: