Monday Markets - Let Us In Anthology - April 30, 2016 (HT: @alanbaxter)

Time Alone Press is reading for their first horror anthology, 'Let Us In', and they're already getting lots and lots of submissions (with months left for the reading period):

The theme of the anthology will be lightly shaped as we go, but here is the gist:

Write for us the horrors that we invite into our lives, whether willingly or with reluctance. These are horrors that need our permission to enter. Why do we allow them into our lives? Because they entice us? Because we need to escape a current hell? Because we are curious? Because we want them to save us? Because we want vengeance against someone else? The Monsters here may be human or non-human. Open your imagination to *anything*. We’ll take traditional vampires or werewolves, demons, or forces from other dimensions. Give us abusive spouses, or “saviors” from outer space with tricks up their sleeves. Any of that, or anything else that I may have missed, anything that you think fits.

They are looking for around 4,000 word stories (with flexibility), paying 6c/word. Get your stories in by the end of April!

Check out the listing here: