Monday Markets - Antic Magazine (via @anticnewwriting)

Antic Magazine is an Australian literary magazine that pays its writers. I'd like to just commend Antic here, because there are plenty of literary magazines that refuse to disclose how much, or even whether, they pay for their content. Bravo, it's shockingly rare.

Antic is a not-for-profit online literary magazine of new writing in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and criticism, featuring the works of new and established Australian writers, as well as a smattering of international ones. We promote the writers we publish and strive to bring their words, their ideas and their genius, to greater audiences. Some of the pieces we publish will be accompanied by commentary that offers a deeper exploration of that work in terms of its craft and technique.

They are looking for 2,000-3,000 word stories and non-fiction, and poems to 50 lines. All published work receives a $50 flat payment.

Check out the listing here: