Monday Markets - Welcome - The Refugee Anthology, May 30, 2016 (via: @ticonderogap)

TIconderoga Press is opening up to finish collecting submissions for their Refugee anthology, tentatively titled, 'Welcome':

People leave their homes behind, setting off, often risking everything, in search of a new start, a better life. We are looking for stories that emphasise what makes these people the same rather than focussing on where they are going, exploring the idea this is something that could happen to anyone and that seeking refuge in a new land can be a good thing, both for the migrant and for the place that becomes their new home. Stories that look at the inhumanity of indefinite detention of refugees, of allowing them to be stripped of their dignity and sanity. Stories that explore the potential benefits of allowing refugees to establish a new, safer life. Stories of hope.


They are looking for 1,500 to 7,500 word stories, paying 8c AUD/word. Get your stories in by the end of May! Apart from paying pro rates, they are donating all profits to the ASRC.

Check out the listing here: