Monday Markets - Rambutan Literary

Today we're looking at Rambutan Literary magazine:

Rambutan Literary is an online literary and arts journal dedicated to showcasing literature and art from all Southeast Asians, as well as cultivate Southeast Asian writing and artistic communities, whether mainland, maritime, or those of the diaspora. We want both the peace and the wartime, both the love poems and the angry letters, both the village and the city, both the mountains and the seas. We want marginalized voices, stories of struggle with tradition and conflict with assimilation. But most of all, we want your hearts, the songs you have been unable to sing aloud until now. Please, send your work our way.

They're after unpublished and reprint poetry, fiction and non-fiction up to 4,000 words (but prefer unpublished work), and in the grand tradition of literary magazines, don't mention any payment. Good luck!

The Literarium market listing is here: