Monday Markets - Conjunctions Issue 67 - Other Aliens - Aug, 2016

Conjunctions is now reading for their Fall issue (until full, expecting 'into August'):

We are now accepting submissions for our Fall 2016 issue, Conjunctions:67, Other Aliens, a collection of works of literary science and speculative fiction: innovative short stories, poetry, and essays that explore the vast precincts of unfamiliarity, of keen difference, of weirdness and not belonging.

Who or what is an alien? Someone or something simply unknown to us, a being manifest from an incomprehensible territory? From the depths of the ocean, the deeps of space, an unmapped land far from home? Does otherness emerge from physical displacement, or psychic and spiritual displacement, or does it emerge from other sources? Must difference inevitably provoke fear and mistrust or does it sometimes elicit curiosity instead, firing the drive to explore and understand and even love?

“Alien” is a powerful and flexible word. Aliens are Other, aliens are the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, aliens are traditional literary figures who, when we witness our “normal” lives through their strangers’ eyes (think Frankenstein), cause us to see ourselves anew. Indeed, we become the unfamiliar ones.

I can't find any information on pay, and they're very literary in their guidelines (ie. vague). To compound things, they only accept physical submissions, which for non-US writers means the dreaded SASE (yes, you can still buy them at the post office in Australia). They accept short and long fiction, and creative non-fiction. I've marked that down as Short Story and Novella; one suspects that work longer than novella length won't find space in the print magazine.

All these things combine to give Conjunctions a very high 'lit mag' score. I suspect this means they are prestigious, so this is a great opportunity to publish your literary SF pieces.

The Literarium market listing is here: