Monday Markets - Ecopunk - 30 Jun, 2016 (via @ticonderogap)

Ticonderoga Publications is reading for its new anthology Ecopunk, closing on June 30. Liz Grzyb and Cat Sparks will be editing:

We are looking for optimistic stories envisioning the future of our world as we are impacted by and adapt to climate change. New narratives of radical transformation and sustainability. Stories exploring the end of carbon-capitalism, combatting inertia in our political systems, interrogating the technical and organisational challenges of clean energy generation, storage and distribution. Stories investigating nascent technologies and fossil fuel divestment, imagining pathways to the low-carbon world. Encouraging the belief that we will survive not only as a species, but as a civilisation by proposing alternatives to how we live. Stories showing how humanity can survive and flourish, despite looming uncertainty.

Payment is 5c AUD per word and 2 contributor copies for unpublished work between 2,000 and 10,000 words. They explicitly don't want dystopian misery!

The Literarium market listing is here: