Monday Markets - Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is a well-established semi-pro market for, well, Heroic Fantasy short fiction and poetry, reading four months a year (they're closing end of July but open again in September):

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is an ezine dedicated to publishing short works of heroic fantasy. More than that, through both prose and poetry we hope to hearken back to an older age of storytelling — an age when a story well told enthralled audiences. Traits of great oral storytelling survive the ages to influence treasures of literature, the pulps, radio plays, late-night game sessions, and now Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.

Our favorite storytellers, a few ancient and a few not, deliver action, reaction, and repercussion — and rarely divulge the thought processes that guide a character. These storytellers know that sometimes an audience just wants to see what happens next, that sometimes it’s more interesting to watch a person open a box than to hear about why he or she decided to open it in the first place.  

They're paying $100 for fiction upto 10,000 words and $25 for poetry.

Check the listing here: