Monday Markets - Behind the Mask, Sep 15, 2016 (HT: @_lexifab)

Look, it's still Monday in the United States, which is where this anthology is based...

Meerkat Press is looking for super hero fiction for a new anthology:

Behind the Mask (working title) is our next themed anthology and it’s all about superheroes! But not how they saved the world this time. We’re more interested in the ordinary day-to-day challenges facing these extraordinary individuals: growing up, growing old, relationships, career struggles, parenting. How they cope with that age-old desire to fit in when, let’s face it, they don’t. We want superhero stories with originality, diversity, and strong character development that celebrate the genre but manage to push its boundaries as well. Fun, quirky, serious, happy, sad: any tone will do, and we plan to have a nice variety. But bring us something fresh and relevant to this crazy world we live in today.


They are are paying between 2-8 US c per word for 3,000 to 6,000 word stories. Get your subs in by the midle of September! Notably they do accept simultaneous submissions.

Check out the listing here: