Monday Markets - Hearts of Steel - Anthology - Sept 30

Less Than Three Press, a "strong rising presence in the LGBTQ romance community", is reading for a new anthology about knights!

Knights are a well-established presence in the fiction landscape, from historical fiction to fantasy to romance. Be they chivalrous or ruthless, high or low born, noble warriors or dishonored soldiers, tales of knights are endlessly appealing—for their loyalty, their love, and all that they will do to serve and protect those to whom they are sworn.

Less Than Three Press invites you to submit stories about knights and all they are willing to do and endure for the sake of those they love and protect.

Editor’s note: We would like for this anthology to cover the full range of the spectrum. While all stories will be considered, preference will be given to stories featuring characters that are not cis-gay.

They're paying $200 USD for fiction from 10,000 to 20,000 words. Note well their constraint:

Stories may be any pairing except cisgender heterosexual M/F (trans* M/F, M/M, F/F, poly, ace/aro, and all permutations thereof are acceptable).

Submissions close Sept 30th.

Literarium listing here: