Monday Markets - The Lane of Unusual Traders - Stage 3 (via @TinyOwlWorkshop)

The Lane of Unusual Traders is open again for Stage 3! Disclosure: I've been involved with Stage 1 and Stage 2 of this shared world project, and am a huge fan, but I'm not judging or working behind the scenes for stage 3. For stage 3, Terry Whidborn has once again crafted a beautiful map, this time of an underground section of the world of Midlfell. The idea behund the Lane is to select a lot on the provided map and tell a story about the shop or building or memory on that site. There is lots of information to help you navigate the world, including a prologue and a few existing published stories from the first and second stages of the project.

In addition to this, during the submission period (which ends Feb 28, 2017), Tiny Owl Workshop will be releasing new stories to activate your brain meats.

The Lane of Unusual Traders is a world building project. The aim is to bring The Lane, the City of Lind and the world of Midlfell into existence through stories, illustrations, music and whatever other creative means present themselves as the world grows. The project began with the release of Stage 1 in 2014. Now The Lane is open once more so Tiny Owl Workshop can look for new stories to help bring the world of Midlfell to life.

They're paying $60 AUD for flash fiction up to 500 words, and a flat rate of $180 AUD for short fiction from 1,500 to 3,000 words.

Check out the Literarium market listing here: