Monday Markets - Verity La Magazine

Yes yes, my Monday Market posts have been a little haphazard these last few weeks. It's coming towards the end of the year and Day Job is very busy. But as I've said before: it's still Monday in much of the world, so let's do this thing. The Australian literary magazine Verity La is about to close for the holidays, but will be opening towards the end of January 2017 and is looking for a wide range of work:

As it says on the mast-head, bravery is essential in the Verity La neck of the woods, which means creative risk-taking, freedom, and – above all else – being no one but yourself. We are interested in new voices, different voices, minority voices, progressive voices; we like writing that gets you in the head as well as the gut, that has a point, that isn’t afraid.


We welcome submissions from all writers, whether you’re emerging or established. Our mission is to publish as many new writers as possible, so even if you don’t yet have a publishing track-record we’re eager to hear from you. .

They specify they have no word limits, but I assume there are practical considerations. Although it is normally a non-paying market, they currently offer $50 AUD per accepted piece, due to financial support

Check out the listing here: