Monday Markets - Voiceworks Magazine

And we're back after the holidays! Welcome to 2017, merry new year, and all that. We're opening with an Australian magazine: Voiceworks. Voiceworks Magazine is a project by Express Media, aimed specifically at younger Australians and Australian residents (younger means 25 for the purposes of this definition). Their next open submission is themed:

We’re on the lookout for literary curios in the form of fiction, poetry, art, comics and, especially, distinctive and well-researched nonfiction. The theme for our Autumn 2017 issue is ‘Relic’. But you don’t have to stick to it—our motto is: —themed work: good —good work: better —good themed work: BEST


Well, you’d better dig it up, then. Dig it all up, lay it all out, let us have it. Spend a Night at the Museum, steal the Declaration of Independence, bemoan the Australian film industry which has failed to produce a museum-based family comedy. Tell your Gran you have to go. She puts down the receiver and you hear her sigh: three-decade old dust has settled in the electronics causing a five second delay before the line cuts out. You can make gifs with a boomerang but you can’t fix the guts of your old Gran’s phone.

They're accepting short fiction, art, multi-page comics and poetry, as well as non-fiction (do pitch/query for non-fiction and visual works, though). Payment is a flat $100 for written and $150 for visual work.

Submissions for their Aug 2017 issue, with are due around January 8, 2017.

Check out the listing here: