Monday Markets - 2017 Flame Tree Publishing Anthologies

Flame Tree Publishing is at it again with their beautiful hardcover silver-foiled annual anthologies. This year they are looking for four anthologies, paying pro-rates for unpublished and reprinted works alike:

Lost Worlds will be packed with dark valleys, high mountain passes, dinosaurs, dark creations and hidden tribes.

For Supernatural Horror, your work will join the chilling classic stories of M.R. James, Edgar Allan Poe and more.

Time Travel: from H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Edward Page Mitchell, tales of travelling back and forth in time have brought us ancient and future civilisations, terrifying visions and cautionary tales. Now we’re looking for some brand new stories too.

Heroic Fantasy: Somewhere between epic historical fantasy, sword and sorcery and Tolkien-esque fantasy exists a thick vein of storytelling that would make Robert E. Howard and H.G. Wells proud. We’re looking for savage swordplay, and high magic, daring deeds and gaudy battles.

You have until the end of February 2017 to submit. Target word count is 2,000-4.000 (though that is described as 'most likely to be successful', so I marked it down as 1,500-4,500 in the listing). 6c USD/word for reprints is pretty unusual so have a look at the themes and see what you like.

Literarium link is here. I've linked to the publisher so you can see all their open anthologies in one place: