Monday Markets - Samovar Magazine

Strange Horizons is publishing the new Samovar Magazine, which focuses specifically on works translated into English:

We publish fiction and poetry in their original language and in English translation. We showcase the work both of writers and also translators, who we have to thank for opening doors to new worlds. [...]

There is a vibrant community of speculative fiction writers, readers and publishers out there, and many fantastic magazines devoted to new and established voices. We hope to make that community even more global and inclusive through encounters with different languages. 

They're looking for short fiction up to 5,000 words, paying 6c USD/word to both the original author and the translater (they'll accept longer works, but cap their pay rates at $300 USD). They also pay flat rates for poetry and non-fiction.

Samovar is open to submissions now and brand new, so if you are a translator, start talking to your non-English author friends for some stories and poetry (and essays, interviews)! And if you are an author of non-English stories, and you're reading this, find some translators.

Check them out here: