Monday Markets - Boston Review Global Dystopias - May 1, 2017 (HT: @incognitiously)

The Boston Review has a special call out for Global Dystopian fiction and non-fiction:

Over the last decades dystopian narratives have proliferated to the point where they seem to have become our default mode for conceptualizing the future. But dystopias are not merely fantasies of a minatory future; they offer critically important reflection upon our present. If (as Tom Moylan has argued) traditional dystopias crafted cognitive maps of the terrors of the twentieth century, what cognitive maps does our current dystopian turn provide us of our turbulent global present?

We are seeking essays, interviews, and fiction from writers around the globe that engage the theme of dystopia. Nonfiction, personal essay, genre fiction (SF, fantasy, horror, Afrofuturist, slipstream), and work that resides across/between genres are welcome..

They're charging the increasingly offensive $3 Submittable fee (none of this goes to them, it's just the first non-free Submittable tier) for fiction and non-fiction on the theme of Global Dystopias. Work up to 5,000 is requested, but there's no mention of payment. Deadline is May 1, 2017!

Literarium link is here: