Monday Markets - Severed Press (via @severedpress)

Occasionally we cater to the slightly longer form writers among you. It's not always magazines and anthologies around here! Severed Press is looking for manuscript submissions from around 30K words in the horror/SF genres:

Killer sea creatures or monstrous kaiju fiction: Creature features about monsters that come from the deep, or maybe even somewhere more terrifying. Dinosaurs : Lost world adventures featuring terrifying creatures from the past. Military horror/sci-fi: Like Predator or Aliens, a military unit faces off against an unknown threat from beyond the stars or from another dimension. Apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic scenarios (including TEOTWAWKI or SHTF): Stories that explore the end of the world or life after it: zombie outbreaks, alien invasions or whatever else may serve as a harbinger of the end times! LitRPG: Stories where characters are transported or trapped within an online game, usually a MMORPG . LitRPG blends traditional science fiction and fantasy with gaming elements and mechanics. LitFPS: Stories that blend fiction with First Person Shooters.

They're looking for queries for novellas and novels from around 30K words, although some start at 60K words (eg. Military). If there is no response within 21 days consider yourself rejected, which is at least nice turnaround, and they accept simultaneous submissions (usual courtesy applies). Payment is otherwise negotiated via contract.

Literarium listing here: