Monday Markets - Baba Yaga Anthology - Mar 1, 2018 (via @WorldWeaver_press)

World Weaver Press is looking for stories featuring an old favourite: Baba Yaga. 

.Baba Yaga, the terrifying witch of the forest in Slavic folklore, lends herself to all kinds of interpretations. Notorious for traveling in a mortar while wielding a pestle, Baba Yaga sometimes wreaks havoc on humans, but can turn around and help when she feels like it. And she is an early Tiny House owner--hers moves on chicken feet. Baba Yaga may be recognizable from classic images by Ivan Billibin, but, in the US and some other countries, her qualities are not as widely known as they are in Slavic countries.

It's only a token $50 USD per story between 7,500 and 20,000, but if you're into Baba Yaga this is about as specific as you'll get. Market is open now and closes March 1. Get writing!

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