Monday Markets - AFTERMATH: Explorations of Loss & Grief - Aug 15, 2017 (via @radixmedia)

Radix Media is reading for their upcoming anthology, 'Aftermath':

[...] an anthology that will examine what it means to face the consequences after tragedy strikes. The theme is left intentionally open, giving contributors the freedom to tell their story as it is most relevant to their experiences.
[We] strongly encourage typically underrepresented voices to submit. If you are a person of color, queer, trans, disabled, or any combination of these, we would especially love to hear from you.

They're after unpublished fiction and non-fiction between 500 and 3,000 words (paying 6 US c/word). Poetry pieces are $35, and they accept comics and visual art at $10 per page (or $50 per work, whichever is greater)

Dates close August 15, so if you have a piece ready or in mind, submit, submit, submit!

Literarium link here: