Monday Markets - Crimson Streets Magazine (HT: @kat_clay)

For the pulp fiction afficionados among you, check out Crimson Streets.

Crimson Streets is looking for fiction with a focus on action and atmosphere over characterization. Stores can fall into the adventure, aviation, detective/mystery, fantasy, hard-boiled, gangster, horror/occult, masked vigilante, noir, railroad, romance/spicy, and war genres. We publish everything that could fall under the banner of pulp with the exception of Science Fiction and Westerns. Science Fiction and Westerns are special cases and deserve their own homes. That’s not to say that stories from other genres couldn’t have Science Fiction or Western elements, after all where would Dick Tracy be without his wrist radio or a mad scientist be without his planet destroying device? .

Crimson Streets pays 1c/USD for fiction from 800 to 6,000 words, and is looking for art and articles too.

Literarium listing is here: