Monday Markets - The Arcanist Magazine (via @The_Arcanists)

Now this is a great day - a new, pro(ish)-paying market for flash speculative fiction, 'The Arcanist'. I already love it.

Fantasy and sci-fi stories are incredibly engaging for audiences of all ages. Look at the impact The Lord of the Rings has on pop culture or how Nineteen Eighty-Four still informs the masses today. These stories are important, entertaining, and thought-provoking. They deserve more platforms.

We are that new platform. There are many Medium-based lit mags out there, but rarely any that focus solely on these genres. Those days are over, friends. The Arcanist is a place devoted to SF/F content primed for a digital reader on the go. It’s also a place where writers can get paid for their work, which we feel is super important because, you know, bills and takeout are important aspects of life.

The Arcanist pays $50/USD per piece for flash fiction up to 1,000 words and is open to submissions now. They accept simultaneous submissions and up to 3 subs at a time.

Literarium listing is here: