Monday Markets - Cosmic Caravans Anthology - Oct 7, 2017

Here's an interesting new anthology, reading until early October.

Cosmic Caravans is an illustrated science fiction anthology aimed at the pre-teen readership:

We are looking for stories or poems that re-enforce strength of character and scientific principles in a way children can relate to. We want to entertain and challenge curious readers to learn more about the universe, life, and the science that makes it all possible.

Your sci-fi story or poem can be funny, scary, somber, mystery, wibbly-wobbly, thriller, or a fantastical romp through time and space. Whatever it is, you should be sure to explain the science behind it. Leave the reader learning something.

What's cool is they are open to simultaneous subs (note it says 'multiple subs' in the guidelines, but that's not what they're referring to). They're also a reprint market, paying the same 2 USc/word all fiction subs. Poetry is 25 USc/line up to $25.

Literarium listing is here: