Monday Markets - This Side of the Divide Anthology - Oct 31, 2017 (via @baobabpress)

Baobab Press is partnering with The University of Nevada to publish, 'This Side of the Divide':

[A]n anthology of short fiction by emerging and established authors exploring the United States West.

This exciting project will speak to the West’s newness, vastness, sense of territoriality and transience, spanning from untouched wilderness to hyper-urban settings. We’re seeking fresh, original views of the western U.S. Our aim is to capture this region’s unique essence in all of its cultural and geographic diversity..

They're paying $100 USD and a contributor copy for short fiction on the theme, between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Reprints of stories first appearing in magazines and journals are allowed (which means no reprints from collections or anthologies).

Full listing is here: