Monday Markets - Year's Best Hardcore Horror Vol 3 - Dec 31, 2017 (via @cometpress)

Comet Press (publisher of Red Room magazine) is looking for reprint subs for their Year's Best Hardcore Horror. They're after reprints from 2017:

Is your story too heavy and hardcore for other “best of” anthologies? Then you’ve come to the right place because Comet Press is now accepting stories for YEAR’S BEST HARDCORE HORROR VOL. 3, a yearly collection intended to give recognition to the extreme, harder side of horror, stories that break boundaries and trash taboos.

They pay 1c USD/word up to $80, looking for any length of fiction (negotiable above 8,000 words). Your published work doesn't do much just sitting in your bibliography, so if you have suitable pieces send them in (or hassle your publisher to send them in).

Full listing is here: