Monday Markets - We Shall Be Monsters: Frankenstein Two Centuries On - Dec 30, 2017 (via @)

Here's a cool anthology looking for fiction about disability in the context of Frankenstein!

'We Shall Be Monsters' is a fiction collection that will feature explorations of disability through Frankenstein, queer and trans identity, ideas of race and colonialism. Shelley’s story provides a space for exploring a multitude of identities through the figure of the sympathetic outsider. Frankenstein’s “monster” is a figure of Otherness, and one that can tell stories of exclusion and social oppression.

They pay $0.03 CAD/word for fiction between 2,000 and 7,500 words, poetry up to 500 words, and an unspecified payment for comics up to 6 pages. They're also running a Kickstarter campaign (here) to expand their budget. Closes December 30.

The market listing is here: