Monday Markets - Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction (via @UncannyMagazine)

Uncanny Magazine is reading for a special issue between Jan 15 and Feb 15 2018 (No subs until open!):

We welcome submission from writers who identify themselves as disabled. Identity is what matters for this issue. What kinds of disabilities? All of them. Invisible and visible. Physical disabilities, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental health disabilities, and neurodiversity.

Yes, even if your disability is a recently acquired one.

Yes, even if your disability is static, or if it isn’t.

Yes, even if you’ve had your disability since birth.

Yes, even if you use adaptive devices only SOME of the time. Yes, you.

They're looking for fiction between 750 and 6,000 words, paying 8c and 1c USD respectively for unpublished and reprint works. As noted, issue is about identity, not content, so your stories don't have to deal with disability if you don't want. They're also paying $50USD for essays and $30 for poems. Get writing if you identify as someone with a disability (and want to contribute).

Our market listing here: