Literarium August 2017 Update

So! Now that we're starting to ease towards the end of our beta period, we're also going to be a little bit more formal and fancy about our releases. No more sneaky updates with some vague reference on Twitter. no no, here at Literarium we're all about loudly proclaiming things we've improved. Thing is, when you know what's changed, you'll hopefully let us know if something has broken. Not that that would ever happen, but, you know...we like to make sure.

So welcome to the end of August 2017, and our August update.

Changes in this version

  • I guess New Zealand can have their currency back. For some reason I had marked it as inactive. Sorry brew!
  • The submit button has been split on the Work and Market pages. This allows you to submit a piece of work (or search your work for a given market) WITH or WITHOUT using a prefiltered filter. Sometimes you already know what market you want to submit to, or which piece of work you want to submit, and the prefilter doesn't bring it back for a variety of reasons (the market isn't open yet, you've received special dispensation to send a longer piece, and so on). In the past, you'd have to clear the filter, and fiddle around. With this change, we let you get to your piece/market just that little bit faster if you so desire.
    NOTE: We might change this again in future until we find the right balance - it's a work in progress!
  • We added LiveChat (in the bottom right corner!) so you can chat with us. If you don't chat with us we will be sad and remove it.
  • Various minor changes/fixes
  • Update: I mentioned leaving out the Calendar Subscribe feature because some weird bug was plaguing me. However, since then I spent a day poking at it and it's fixed, so I thought I'd sneakily release it instead of waiting 30 days. You can go to your User Settings and find this button in your Author Profile section.

Known outstanding bugs

  • The 'exclude fees' filter excludes fee pay rates, but not markets that have them. Kind of defeats the purpose! We'll be fixing this soon.

Let us know in the comments or via LiveChat if you have any feedback, and tell your writing friends to sign up!