Monday Markets - Terse Journal (via @tersejournal)

Terse Journal is an example of what we need to see more of in this industry. They’re a tiny experimental journal, run for the love, not for profit and all that jazz, but (insert gasps), they pay their contributors.

Notably in their own guidelines page:

Do ya pay?

Yes. Neither of us have much in the way of resources, but we feel writers should receive a show of good faith for publishing with us. We also do this to pressure outlets with more resources to pay their writers. 

I’d say that one day I’ll stop beating this dead horse: that you shouldn’t start a magazine unless you can pay your contributors, your content producers, even a token amount. Unfortunately this metaphorical horse is still very much alive, and so I shall continue to inflict metaphorical beatings upon it.

Anyway, let’s return to our sheep. Terse Journal is a magazine looking for your experimental and multiple-media submissions:

What topics/themes are you looking for?

 worlding, futures, identity, technology, hyperreality, embodiment, healing, mourning, the tarot/divination, memory, small press culture, captivity/confinement/incarceration, disability

 What mediums can I use in this space?

 poetry (erasure poetry, found poetry, experimental poetry, all poetry!), collage, critical essays (academic-style essays are considered), reviews, interviews, mixed media, audio recordings, visual art (drawings, paintings, photographs), creative non-fiction, science fiction, flash fiction, letters, mix tapes

They pay a token flat $10 USD for all submissions, and they accept simultaneous submissions. Check them out at our listing for all the detail: