Monday Markets - Flame Tree Press (via @flametreetweet)

Flame Tree Publishing have (just?) opened up their trade imprint Flame Tree Press, paying standard royalty rates for horror, crime, sci-fi and fantasy:

We are a global publisher and sell through all major wholesalers, retailers, and online outlets, in all formats (print, ebook and audio). We sell foreign language co-editions and translation rights to publishers in many countries around the world, including France, Germany, China and Brazil, and attend all major book fairs including Frankfurt, Beijing, London and the American Booksellers Association.

We’ve focused on Flame Tree Publication’s many anthologies over the past, so it’s nice to remember they are a now a home for the handful of long-form authors out there (ha ha, I kid, I love you all, short, micro, and novel length writing authors alike, even poets!)

They’re after original novels between 70K and 120K each, and promise to respond quickly (within a week).

The Literarium listing is here: