Monday Markets - Grumpy Old Gods anthology - Jan 13, 2019 (via @JunetaKey)

Juneta Key is co-editing a new anthology titled Grumpy Old Gods:

We’re looking for stories about mythical Gods who are waning, reborn, retired, or otherwise AWOL from their assigned post.

We invite you to re-imagine old myths, mine your local retirement home for things that tickle your fancy, and invite your Muse to go wild. The only requirement is that the god or goddess in question (or whole pantheon if you so choose) must be retired, retiring, waning in power, or ignoring their responsibilities. Bonus points for good humor.

They’re after 3,000-4,000 word short stories, on the theme (so speculative, with I think a dash of humour). Payment is a regular payment of an equal split among contributors of the sales profits. Sounds like a fun theme. I’m always more interested in narrow scopes - I find they spark creativity better than a ‘send in any story’ call.

Our listing here: