Monday Markets - Alchemy and Artifacts anthology - May 15 - EDGE Publishing

Sometimes we post a market with only limited demographics. In this case, EDGE is open to submissions from Canadian authors, for their Tesseracts vol 22, 'Alchemy and Artifacts':

[This] is an anthology of short fiction which examines the magic behind the history, the myths arising from the artifacts, the mysteries missed (or dismissed), but which lie at the root of world events. The editors want tales that explore laws magical as well as physical, the manipulation of reality in the past, resulting in the present. History, sorcery, alchemy, mystery. All with the sense of 'what if?'

[There's a list of examples in the listing]

Alternate histories will be considered, but we are inclined to choose work that considers actual world events and characters, and how some form of magic has manipulated history in a subtle way.

They're looking for short stories up to 5000 words, paying 3 Canadian cents per word with a minimum of $50. Submissions close May 15, 2018!

See the Literarium listing here: